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  • From: Mike G

  • Palm City, FL

Mike G

Dear Friend,

If you're like most people, you're struggling to get by.

Whether it's staying just ahead of next month's bills, or fighting with collectors, or managing a pile of debt racked up on credit card after credit card, there are a thousand and more obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of folks, just like you, who have - and ARE - earning a small fortune in a highly lucrative, legitimate industry? An industry that is EXPLODING and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!?

Hi, I'm Mike G. I'm the CEO of a small but VERY interesting tech company. And I am sharing this with you because I don't want you to miss out on the next big wave, the next huge change in progress, and already making early adopters fortunes they only could dream of a year or two ago.  

Listen, have you given any thought lately to your financial future? How are you going to provide for yourself? For your family? What about 5 years from now? Ten?

If you are like me, or really like most Americans right now, there are a lot of concerns on your mind.

Between a great political divide in our society, to a worldwide pandemic, to civil unrest... There's a lot of uncertainty all around us. And YOU must be prepared to weather whatever storm destiny hurls at you.

But what can be done?

Believe it or not, no matter what situation you find yourself in, YOU have the ability to carve your own financial success, even in the midst of all this chaos! It's not complicated either.

But guess what? I'm not talking about just getting by. I'm talking about TRUE prosperity. TRUE financial freedom. The money to do all the things you've (up until now!) only dreamed about. Exotic vacations with your favorite people. What about that dream car you've admired from afar?! A beautiful new home situated in your favorite spot in the world?

Well my friend. I'm here to tell you that this very well could be the most important letter you will ever read. Because you are just a few moments from being on THE path to achieve everything you've always wanted. Everything you deserve in life.

AND, I am going to help you do it!

Your own business! But with all the help you need!

You see, I've created a way for you to make a steady and outstanding income by marrying an exploding industry with proven marketing and sales techniques. I have created a way for you to have your very own home based business, where you set your own hours, set your own pace.

But, at the same time, you are NOT ALONE!

We provide the training.

We provide the TOOLS.

And, we even provide LEADS of eager prospects wanting to hear from you! (For a limited time, I can do this FREE for you!)

Residual Income for YEARS to Come!

It really couldn't be simpler: You offer a product in the hottest industry in a generation, to prospects who are eager and hungry for what you offer!

You make hefty commissions every time someone says YES!

But better than that? You earn every month that prospect remains a customer! And they WILL remain customers for a good long time, because, quite frankly WE have not only the BEST product in the marketplace... we have the ONLY product in the marketplace that can do what ours does! There is literally nothing else like this in the world.

And YOU will have full access to this technology and income platform!

So what is all this hype about!?

Right now, we are going through the exact same GOLD RUSH that the internet itself experienced with the explosion of websites and "dot coms" 20+ years ago.

Remember when startup web companies were being gobbled up left right and center for millions upon millions of dollars? It seemed like no matter how silly the idea, there was venture capital to be had, and a bigger company waiting to buy up anything and everything that could be thought up!

Now fast forward to today: This time... same frenzy!

But, instead of dot coms, it's all about smartphones... and the apps installed on them! It's a craze of epic proportions... but for good reason!

Sounds wild, right? Check this out:

  • The average American adult over 18, spends 5 hours and 20 minutes a day on their smartphone, and averages sending 52 text messages.
  • And roughly 90% of the time spent on a smartphone is spent using apps. (This info courtesy of
  • An amazing 65-68 is the average number of apps installed on a smartphone right now! Think about that! Over sixty apps average on every smartphone!

The App "Gold Rush" is in full swing!

There is no argument to be made -- people are on their smartphones constantly!

But what's EVEN BETTER is that due to the ease of use and shear convenience, the acceptance of apps is at an accelerated curve 10x faster than the acceptance of websites in 1997.

And, something else to consider: these apps are beginning to capture an amazing percentage of advertising dollars (though we ourselves never advertise on a client's app, ever, but I'll touch on that a bit more).

Now listen. Before I continue, it's crucial you understand this: YOU don't need to understand apps, tech, or even own your own smartphone to get in on this and profit big. Stick with me and I'll show you how...

Okay okay, but why should YOU care about this "app" craze?

Listen carefully, because this is the most important part:

Even with the staggering growth of smartphone sales, and the continual development and release of new apps, there is one GIANT barrier for some companies to join in this mobile stampede...


You see, to develop one single app for people to download and use on their phone, a company might spend anywhere from $10,000US to upwards of $50,000US... and that's for a simple basic app with few features. More complicated apps can cost $100,000-$500,000 or even more... for ONE APP!

Imagine a local dance studio, or a restaurant, or even a small manufacturing business. How could any of these businesses possibly take advantage of this?

THIS huge obstacle puts medium and small companies, and most of all "mom and pop" businesses, in a bind. Owners, managers, and proprietors KNOW their customers are using mobile devices almost exclusively, and KNOW their business needs to immediately adopt a mobile strategy. But, they simply do not have anywhere close to the budget required to acquire their own smartphone app their customers, clients, patrons, and prospects can use!

And this is where you and I come in, my friend!

My company, Silent Salesman™ has developed a unique product that solves this.

Our **Unique** Product

We offer a custom App that allows businesses OF ANY KIND and OF ANY SIZE to immediately dive headfirst into the mobile market space! And we do this at a ridiculously low price.

Briefly: This app allows a business to create a "portal" to their company that customers, clients, prospects, and subscribers can easily access. Whether it's marketing content, informational, a menu, upcoming events, videos, and more. There are no real restrictions other than the app owner's imagination! It's all right there, just a tap or two away on the customer's smartphone!

The business owner can easily change any of their content by simply logging into a back office on ANY web browser. No tech skills are required! And, every app owner has the ability to send out bulk TEXT MESSAGES to all of their subscribers in the U.S. or Canada an unlimited number of times per month! This feature alone more than pays for the cost of the app!

And get this... we do all of this NOT for hundreds of thousands, NOT for tens of thousands, NOT even for thousands of dollars. Our setup fee is a mere $595 and a monthly maintenance fee of only $99.95!

This is truly a cost any business can afford. In fact, businesses can't afford NOT to take advantage of this incredible mobile marketing tool! This puts the small and medium business, even "mom and pop" shops right back in competition with the big boys for a fraction of what the big boys spend!

I invite you to cash in on it right now, because I need help growing this business big and fast to take advantage of this sizzling hot market, and I'm willing to reward you handsomely for joining me as a partner.

It's all covered in our training manual (which we're ready to send you now!)

I've set aside a training manual, just for you, that explains everything in crystal clear detail. It's called "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" and I'll send it to you upon your 'OK'.

It covers all the methods which have proven to be the most successful tools for mass distribution of this amazing technology, including legal and ethical mass notification marketing!

Imagine the number of businesses that you can help, that will gobble this up to be able to reach their own customers, prospects, and clients at a moment's notice?

Nothing else like this exists...

You will be offering the only app in the world like it. In fact, when Apple™ Inc. approved our app, they told us our app is the best marketing and communication app they ever approved. I imagine partly because all our apps come with not only unlimited "push" messages but also unlimited text messages in the US and its territories, and Canada, providing the app owner with instant communication, which email increasingly can not match.

So Easy To Profit

Go to this website and watch the video: -- It does all the heavy lifting! We will even replicate this landing page just for you, to share with your prospects! It by itself will do most of your work for you.

After people hear about this product or watch this video, the most frequently asked question is, "What do I do next?" And you simply give them the order form link or call by phone, or forward them the order form by fax or by email... The order options are unlimited.  We make it easy for your clients to purchase, and you to earn ASAP, so you never risk losing a sale.

I've been helping people - just like you - for decades!

They call me "Mike G" on the net. You can read more about me by visiting just one of my sites and seeing links with hundreds of testimonials from others I have helped. I hate scams and cons more than you can imagine. So please, check me out. I insist! I want you to know who you are working with! See Be certain to see the 3rd one down. It's one of the oldest but still my favorite. You won't find many, if any, testimonials to anyone from a White House Cabinet member!

So Let's Talk About The Money, Shall We?

When your customer says, "Yes! I want my own custom Silent Salesman App!" (again, complete instructions in your "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" manual), you need only collect payment info for $595 setup and $99.95 per month. (We give you a replicated website to automate this, by the way! Your customer can fill it out themselves, or you can even do it for them!)

Then from the setup fee you will earn, the following month, a healthy payment to you of a full $250.

And of the ongoing monthly fee of $99.95, you will earn an ongoing $15 per month. That's another $180 every year, for the life of just one customer account with us. Just 10 clients (which is nothing to achieve), is $1,800 per year, every year and this from just customers' account monthly fees! Twenty to thirty customers? You do the math! And don't forget to factor in the $250 initial setup commission per client.

We actually lose money on the setup fee, but we make it back over time on the monthly fee. And you continue to collect payments from us every month on your customers as well!

We Take Care of YOU and YOUR Customer!

The setup and monthly fees also cover everything we've talked about: Our hosting, unlimited support, training for clients who wish to make their own app changes, even building a brand new one completely different from the one we build for them. Unlimited 2-way messaging throughout North America, U.S. & Canada, and computer or phone to phone. In addition to mass communication, or one-on-one, or group messaging. And optionally we allow up to two no-charge major changes to their app every month.

If they want to add a video we will do it, no charge. If they want to add a product we'll do it no charge... I think you get the idea - we have removed all possible objections to a "Yes". And you will be offering the first-of-its-kind custom app to ever hit the market and be approved for both app stores, the Apple™ and the Android™ stores.

Ideas for using the app to grow and make a business more profitable are limited only by the customer's imagination, and more ideas are covered in your "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" manual, lots more, so you can give added value to all your customers, and make more sales!

Webinars To Teach You How To Cash In While This Market Is Hot

Get this: The second Tuesday of each month we host a one hour webinar with Q&A for you and your clients or prospects (we invite everyone, we have nothing to hide). Our training is second to none because I simply won't allow any rep not to have the answer or access to it online or by phone.

That's why our best salesman has turned full time trainer. You will never lose with us. He will work with you one-on-one if you need him, and your "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" manual will give you full access to him. As an I.R. (Independent Representative), you have V.I.P. status with us!

I am not going to leave you hanging, wondering how to do anything, because we will host webinars and provide you with the support you need to teach you who to call, what to say, and how to close the transaction. When and how to advertise online like social media, email marketing, JV's and more.  

Then, offline with postcards, direct mail, banners, videos, and a lot more. We even give you leads at our expense (more later about free leads you may call or email -- after all, we are partners)!

For A Full 30 Days, We Take All The Risk

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your role with our company, and everything I am doing for you including monthly webinar training, live training and support when you need it, extremely generous commissions, (and I must unabashedly boast the absolute best app product in existence), you may return the manual "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" and the Certificate of Recognition any time within 30 days for a full money-back refund.

However I honestly believe that sometime between now and 30 days from now the light bulb will go off, if it has not already, and you will realize just how much profit people are making with this new technology - both our representatives and our clients!

Submit A Client, You're Done

You will find in your "UNLEASH" manual complete details on how to submit a client to corporate and once you do we will take it 100% from there. I firmly believe men and women alike who make it happen for any company they represent, should spend as little time as possible (in our case, none), with the client once the client says "yes".

You should also know what I'm about to share with you is free to all of my Independent Representatives (IR's).

Going Public: You Get First Option

I fully intend to take Silent Salesman™ public at some point in the future and hopefully sooner rather than later. In fact my company president, Mr. Wilkes, who has been with me more than 22 years, is already beginning to lay the initial groundwork to do a future IPO (Initial Public Offering).

So at no cost to you, if you are a registered Independent Representative, I will, not maybe, but will extend to you the first option to own a piece of this remarkable company before I invite other members of the general public.*

And one more thing, it's no small item. You may assign your Independent Representative position to anyone you choose. As a gift or for a fee, or even create a partnership, or hire your own sales staff. And because it's your business, you may also bequeath it. And we at corporate agree to modify your ownership records at your discretion, anytime, and at no cost.  All of the benefits, training, leads (free to you), and commissions will remain the same with any newly designated ownership or partnership of your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I Invite You To Become A Silent Salesman™ Independent Representative

When you become a Silent Salesman™ App Independent Representative for us, you will have the tools, the order form, a professionally written approach, a Q&A sheet, and you go through the four simple steps...  Here is just one method:

Step 1: Call or visit the prospect.

Step 2: Read the first script to them giving them the link to look at.

Step 3: Call them back at a predetermined and arranged time and close the transaction.

Step 4: Take the order (I'll train you on all the options). It's that easy!

500 FREE high quality leads

If you are not excited yet, consider this:

With your Silent Salesman™ App Independent Representative (IR) designation, I will even send you 500 FREE high quality leads. These leads are all verified for accuracy within the last 30 days and are all small to medium size businesses. All of this, and I'll even teach you how to use the Net to generate sales and leads. In short, you get everything we have developed for our mutual success. You may even 3-way your personal trainer to help close any client.  But with all the marketing training and tools you may never need to 3-way your trainer in, but you have that option, no charge.

Why No Fee? Just A Refundable Deposit!?

All I ask for is a refundable deposit from you, to help us cover the cost of your training and setting up your account. And I call it a deposit because that is exactly what it is.

I realize times can be tough, especially right now. It is because of this and my desire to quickly capture the market that the small DEPOSIT I ask from you on the application is 100% refundable to you, automatically - you will not need to ask for it - as soon as you produce only four (4) clients. You will be entitled to it and you will have proven yourself. Not to me but to yourself... "I can do this!" (And yes, you earn commissions on those 4 sales too!)

A Quick Review

For a quick review you get:

  • Your official designation... Silent Salesman™ App Independent Representative (IR).

  • 100% Completely refundable deposit with only four (4) total clients over 'any' period of time.  I want you to have your deposit back, every dime of it! Just say "OK" and I'll do everything in my power to help you achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself.

  • A protocol manual "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" with step-by-step instructions for enrolling the client and submitting the client to corporate.  We believe the salesman should be free of endless paperwork... You send us the order, we take care of everything after you do.  More than fair, is it not?

  • 500 free high quality leads for any city or category of small to medium-size business. Then more when you need them.

  • Both scripts: One to lead the prospect to, (and we will customize 2 links for you, one for the video and one for your custom website which explains and does the selling in addition to collecting the payment information.)

  • A special order form you just fill in and submit back to the Silent Salesman™ Company. If you call or talk face to face.

  • Webinar training, both live and recorded for your convenience.

  • Uniform commissions, big commissions, of $250 per enrolled client. And $15 per month for the life of the client's app with us.

  • Complete fulfillment by us including building the custom App. See the video at This includes sending the client the finished App guaranteed to work on BOTH Apple™ and Android™ smartphones, and available in both stores for easy download by the client's customers, prospects, members - you name it! Almost 100x more effective than email.

  • I'll let you know about our plans for an IPO before the general public.

Please join me in the latest revolution, the phone app industry which is literally changing the face of the Internet. Two years from now you will look back and you will see how right I am, and if you don't take action on this offer today I promise you, you may regret it then more than any other opportunity you have been fortunate to be invited in on.

Status Is More Than Just A Word!

I want you to have, and I'm standing by to give it to you, the status you deserve which begins with your personalized Certificate Of Recognition.

See this Certificate, which will be customized and dated just for you, then signed by me personally, designating you as a professional I.R. (Independent Representative). Your Certificate of Recognition is suitable for framing and will be sent to you along with your comprehensive business manual "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN."

Will you say OK?

The last thing I need from you is your "OK". See the secure application to submit your application online - because frankly I am excited to get you going as soon as possible.

After All, We Are Partners

When it comes to business I'm a straight shooter, I call it like it is, I call it like I see it. You and I are about to enter into a business relationship where you and I effectively become partners with one huge and notable difference...

You are not responsible as a partner for any issues, legal or otherwise, that the company may at some future date become involved in, and we agree to protect and hold you harmless from any action taken by anyone, client or otherwise, against the company for any reason.

A unique product in an industry you can be proud of!

The only one like it in the world. You can be part of the exclusive Silent Salesman™ TEAM as an Independent Representative.

Our product, the Silent Salesman™ has been accepted by and endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. We are very proud of this and will be equally proud to have you join us in its profitable distribution.

We have the only App like it -- A huge advantage. After many high level meetings with Apple™ we have first-mover advantage lined up for you, with assurance from Apple™ they will not accept copy-cats in their store, and they have assured to protect us from knock-offs. 

Just imagine if you only put in part-time hours where you'll be in one year? A year which will happen anyways. Your own prestigious cutting edge business with full support from the company that produces the only product of its type. A hungry audience and if you wish, your own sales force working for you. And, it's really up to you, a lifestyle that right now may seem totally out of reach... BUT IT REALLY IS NOT!

You will truly be in business for yourself, but not BY yourself!

Tap or click here to fill out the participation form 

...and you will receive the suitable-for-framing certificate (sample above!) and the complete "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" manual along with everything else you will need to hit the ground running. This is all shipped to you via U.S. mail. This isn't just a download of an ebook, but a complete hard copy manual and more that you can read, page thru, and reference again and again.

I do hope to be working with you soon.


Mike G

Mike G

P.S. You may also become a client and receive the same commissions. If you enroll yourself this would count as 1 of 4.

Definition of a salesman: One who leads someone to do something that otherwise left to themselves they probably would not do.

* Regarding "first option" to acquire possible shares of Silent salesman: This is not a solicitation to buy or sell future shares of a public company yet to be structured and established. Before investing you should always rely upon your own due diligence and the advice of licensed and qualified individuals.

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